Art Museum Visit: Kelly-anne Cubley

Set of 5 posters in the Tong Zhi/ Comrade: Out f Asia America collection

One piece that really caught my eye was Tong Zhi/ Comrade: Out of Asia America. This is because I myself am part of the LGBT community. I see how it affects people on a daily basis as well as how it affects me. I am also a big fan of poster design, and this helps to show the hierarchy of text versus the photo included.

About Tong Zhi/ Comrade: Out f Asia America

Don Kao

This set of posters evolved from object making to community building or Social Practice. This is especially relevant for my life goals. I want to be able to include diversity in the works that I create in the future.

I really enjoy the simplicity of these posters however they are quite complex in their own right. The posters reminded me of the one that we saw in the MASK about the internment camps.

This is because of the large bold fonts creating a sense of urgency and importance. There are also stars used to pull our eyes towards the images. I believe that “The medium is the message” is definitely applicable here. These are in the form of posters and are laid out on display as they would be on telephone poles over on the coast. When I visit Seattle and Portland I notice a large amount of these posters. There is also a higher amount of Asian American population. This makes me think of that area of the country.

The photos are in black and white. This was definitely a thought out choice as they were created in 2001 where one was able to create colored images at a relatively low cost. The photo is a main focal point, it is placed in the upper third in the center. They allow the viewer to connect with the people depicted and it isn’t overwhelmed by the text or star symbols surrounding it.

The font is especially interesting to me as it looks like it was made with wood forms. Each letter looks slightly different from the overarching set of rules and this is definitely important because it keeps the eye moving.

I really enjoy this poster set and what it stands for.

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