Art Museum Visit: Jane Doe

Dam Breach by Daniel Duford is a realism drawing that caught my eye in the museum.  The way that ‘KRAKOOM!’ is drawn/written is how I would experiment with drawing letters when I was younger.  They are just as imperfect as the ones I used to draw.  None of the letters sit on a baseline nor do all have the same height or width.  None of the letters are the exact same.

The way the letters are drawn are reminiscent of the same bold headlines we saw on a few posters in the MASC (Blog 6).  These posters used bold sans-serif fonts in red to depict all the headlines.  This illustration’s writing also happens to be in red and is also a bold sans-serif font intended to grab attention.

I was inspired by our trip to the museum and seeing this drawing as well as another that utilized this type of lettering.  It was a type of lettering that I used to hand draw for fun all the time and I thought it was a type of lettering that would be interesting to recreate on Illustrator.  I focused on how to recreate the letters in that style and create it in a way that would be different since I would be using a computer, not drawing by hand.

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