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Helvetica: Jane Doe

The san-serif typeface Helvetica was designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann at the Haas Type Foundry in Switzerland.  It was created in the post-World War II era of modernism in Switzerland.  It was originally named after the … Continue reading

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Art Museum Visit: Jane Doe

Dam Breach by Daniel Duford is a realism drawing that caught my eye in the museum.  The way that ‘KRAKOOM!’ is drawn/written is how I would experiment with drawing letters when I was younger.  They are just as imperfect as … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy: Jane Doe

The typeface in this book is a humanist serif font.  It uses both upper and lower case letters.  The uppercase has a high capline that looks slightly taller than its ascender line.  The descenders do not descend very far.  There … Continue reading

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Formstorming & Modularity: Jane Doe

I chose Marian Bantjes’ Party in the Garden for this post.  The lettering is an example of type as tool, or Teip (Modularity).  This type of lettering can be remixed into nearly endless combinations.  In other examples, the lines can … Continue reading

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Color Interaction: Jane Doe

The main color, or hue, in this pattern is red, a warm tone, which makes it stand out against the cool blue outline.  The blue and red are broken up by yellow, which is also a warm color and also … Continue reading

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Pattern: Jane Doe

The quilt I was most drawn to was the quilt by Missouri Pettway in 1942 titled Blocks and Strips Work-Clothes Quilt.  Missouri created the quilt after her husband’s passing, according to her daughter, Arlonzia, who told the story of its … Continue reading

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Texture: Jane Doe

My first texture image is of a purple rug I own.  The lines across the rug in this image make up decorative leaves that are throughout the rug.  I chose just a sliver of the rug, however, so it is … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane: Jane Doe

A point (or dot) simply marks a position in space.  For my representation of a point, I used a laser pointer on the wall of my apartment.  This laser pointer red dot on the wall is a basic and easy … Continue reading

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