Formstorming & Modularity: Jane Doe

Party in the Garden

Party in the Garden by Marian Bantjes

I chose Marian Bantjes’ Party in the Garden for this post.  The lettering is an example of type as tool, or Teip (Modularity).  This type of lettering can be remixed into nearly endless combinations.  In other examples, the lines can pass on top of or behind each other to create depth.  In this image, Bantjes kept the lettering all one dark green color that heavily contrasted with the rest of the lighter colors of the image and the white background.  She does not use many lines to create depth, but she attaches these lines to the rest of the image to connect the entire theme together.

Bantjes used a garden as her inspiration and lines as her form to create an image (Formstorming).  She limited herself to lines and the manipulation of lines as well as color to create the scenery of a garden.  This is not a typical image or idea of what a garden looks like and creates a different vision of what a garden could look like and what you could create with lines.  Bantjes took a basic theme and changed it into an image that would not necessarily be associated with a garden.  The entire streamlined theme, colors, and shapes in the image create the garden that she was trying to create.

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