Pattern: Jane Doe

A quilt with red, light and dark blue, white, and grey made out of work clothes.

Missouri Pettway’s Blocks and Strips Work-Clothes Quilt

The quilt I was most drawn to was the quilt by Missouri Pettway in 1942 titled Blocks and Strips Work-Clothes Quilt.  Missouri created the quilt after her husband’s passing, according to her daughter, Arlonzia, who told the story of its creation.  Missouri used the clothes of her husband to create “…a quilt to remember him and cover up under it for love,” Arlonzia said her mother told her.  That story was so powerful to me and resonated strongly with me and my experience.  I believe the story would resonate with many who have experienced losing a loved one.

The shirts and pants created a block and stripe pattern quilt.  It would be difficult to create much of a different pattern considering the materials.  This quilt is in an irregular pattern as not all clothes would have the same size or be able to be cut out the same as well as being different types of clothes.  The different colors also reflect the different clothing items.

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