Texture: Kelly-anne Cubley

Photo by Kelly-anne Cubley September 10, 2018.

Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, blue and Purple. Many strands of yarn make up a tassel and are intern woven woven in different patterns in order to make a new texture. Blue makes a prominent zig-zag pattern across the top of the image yet it also is woven throughout all of the other colours. Each colour leading up from a tassel creates a line that extends from the bottom of the horizon line upwards. Every piece of yarn makes up a single stitch, this in turn gives it a very bumpy look when zoomed in, however some stitches are longer and this makes that section feel smoother. Another way the arranges stitches make the image look smoother is be having more stitches per inch. Each tassel is made by only one color. The tassels do not lay flat and twist around other colors, this gives depth to the image. The stitches create valleys and hills and this brings the eye to the larger chunks of colour. Where the yarn meets the fabric, there is a horizon line and this creates a large contrast between the two halves of the photo.


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