Texture: Victoria Henry-LeMaster

Photographed by Victoria Henry-LeMaster, September 2018. Pullman, Wa.

Over a third of the photo is taken up by a gravel consistency wall, there are smaller and larger pebbles blended together to create the overall feeling. The wall is rough to tough and is rougher than cement. The different sizes and colors blend together to create a grey speckled plane of rocks, some tend to stick out of the wall more than others. If looking at it from above it would almost look like a cobbled road. None of the rocks are the same, if you run your hand against the wall it would mover over the bumps like a car on a gravel road. The lower third of the image hold green shrubbery. Almost like vines, the plants seem to be gripping onto the wall making an effort to climb up. On the right side of the image, the vines successfully hold onto the rocky wall and climb the side. The leaves seem to face every direction and have prickly sides. In comparison to the wall and its simplicity in every rock coming together to create something together and concise, the vines seem to be the opposite. Every branch that comes from the last goes in a different direction. There is one red leaf that seems curled and dry in comparison to the vibrant green and alive leaves of the plant. The leaves have a waxy feel on top but underneath they are almost prickly. The very coarse and rough feeling of the rock wall finds its way in the shadows of the leaves as well. The relationship between the two different textures creates a unique contrast between the light grey, rocky feel, and the dark green waxy leaves. There is no question between what is the plant and what is the wall, even in the shadows of the lush leaves where the wall pops out, it is still distinct, the difference in the texture.

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