Color Interaction: Miranda Frasier

I chose this pattern because I love the use of color and the pattern style!

The colors within this pattern has great use of color! For example the red and yellow, red and blue, blue and green, among many other combinations. Each contrast of color makes them pop! Especially the red and yellow in my opinion. Each color is so different that they diminish each other. This pattern is extremely interesting because it used many different hues. There is blue, red, green, light blue, bright blue, and a lighter shade of yellow. While they are all different they all work together. I believe looking at the color wheel really helped in creating this pattern. Even though the color is all different the pattern remains the same. The most important thing of this pattern I believe is how some of the patterns look like stripes the red and yellow in the middle appear more as the yellow on top of the a red square. The value difference I see is a combination of dark colors mixed with lights. For example a dark red combined with a lighter yellow. It gives the pattern a bit of an interesting contrast in terms of color. But the colors also go together extremely well.  In terms of saturation the colors are very intense even though there are dark and light colors.

In terms analogous versus commentary colors there are a combination of colors since a lot of the colors on the color on the pattern.But while there are a combination of both analogous and complementary in terms of how the pattern works the colors being matched with each other are actually analogous. An example relating to the pattern is because green and blue are together as well yellow and red being put together within the stripes.

I do not see figure/ground playing a role in this pattern.

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