Print Versus Digital: Shengjie.wu

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McCloud, S. (1994). Understanding comics. New York: Harper Perennial. P 52-53  (Universe of Comic)

Comic is one of the arts used to express ideas by using image and text or other visual information. We can define comic as sequential art. As the article ‘Understanding Comics’ written by Scott McCloud mentioned, film is just very very very slow comic before it is projected. Comic produces an aesthetic response to viewer.

Most of the books, articles, and media consumption are presented in digital currently, including comic. Thus, the question of print versus digital arises to public view. Some people believe that it is easier to read print materials rather than digital materials. However, some people believe that reading digital materials is more convenience that reading print materials.

After I read McCloud’s printed book and McCloud’s web comics, I found an interesting issue. I could pay all attention on reading when I read, ‘Understanding Comics’, McCloud’s printed book. However, I could not fully concentrate on McCloud’s web comics. Thus, I believe that reading print material is better than reading digital materials.

The reason that I could not pay attention to reading digital article was that it was tired to read article on screen up to 30 minutes. Even though it was convenient to read digital comic, but my eyes was getting tired after read the article above 30 minutes. Besides, I said ‘read’ the digital materials, but I actually meant ‘glimpsed’. I did not remember anything and any information after I read the McCloud’s web comics. In contrast, I could remember some information in McCloud’s printed book. For instance, the six different types of comic types mentioned in ‘Understanding Comics’ were saved in my mind. Besides, I could get the idea from print material. From example, the author presents the meaning, concept and style of comic in ‘Understanding Comics’. However, it is hard for me to get idea from McCloud’s web comics.

If I was going to create a comic, I would create it as print material. After comparing the difference between digital comic and print comic, I believe print comic could be easily remember, rather than digital comic. Besides, I prefer to make my comic iconic. From my perspective, iconic characters are more interesting than realistic characters. Iconic characters can do a huge amount of action that realistic characters cannot do. From example, characters in ‘Tom & Jerry’ do a lot of action such as self-deform and run on the water. However, characters in the realistic comic ‘Initial D’ cannot run on the water, but they can do the realistic things such as drift.

Print Versus Digital Shengjiewu(Tom & Jerry)

(Tom & Jerry) Flickr Image

Print Versus Digital Shengjiewu(Inital D)

(Inital D) Google Image

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