Print Versus Digital: Issaya Saleumsay

When I read “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud, it was really noticeable that it was a comic book from the start. But, I didn’t realize it was telling us about the life of comics and the way they have been changed over time. It’s also interesting that “comics” have been used over time and started in the BC era. I was really intrigued on the things I learned about the way people “bash” comic books or graphic novels as some would say. And it’s really interesting on how people say all these bad things when they use them all the time. A short phrase from the “Understanding Comics”, everyone uses comics and they don’t know it. Animations from short films or any animations at all, are a bunch of pictures or designs being moved slowly to create a short film. If you think about it, short films are comics without bubbled words by them and people actually saying them.

Reading McCloud’s web comics, was interesting and informative. He talks about how comics were started and when they were started and how they have changed over time. It’s like a shorter version of his book, “Understanding Comics”. It goes into detail about comics that the book doesn’t cover all the way.

Image result for understanding comics

Part of the book: “Understanding Comics” Picture taken off of Google Images

If I were to write a comic book, it would be a short one or long one depending on the story line. But, I would have people read it from left to right and from up to down, just the way it is in America. I believe I would do it this way instead of the Japanese comics because I am from America and I live here. If I was in Japan, I would do it their way. The only reason I would do this, is because there is no reason I would want to make it difficult for people, but if I wanted to have fun, I might do it the other way.

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