Helvetica – Rashaad Siddick

FedEx logo

Fedex shipping company

The Fedex logo is a great example of showcasing Helvetica text face. The scale is consistent between the “F” and the “E” while the rest of the word is matched to scale with one another. The legibility of the text is also a great attribute as the bold and symmetrical lines make it stand out easy. The “EX” creates a figure ground relationship with the negative space in the background creating an arrow within the letters. The figure ground relationship creates an allusion of this arrow being there. The cross bar of the F and E are equal in height and thickness and so is the cross bar on the d. this creates a even uniform feeling between all the letters. Another attribute that stuck out to me was how the logo’s letters did not have a single space or negative space between them to separate them. This creates a all connecting type face. This helps create a simple yet modern sans-serif typeface. The letters all seem to work upon a vertical axis without any skewing of uniformly forming of the bowls with in the letters. Everything seems to be geometric and proportionally to scale. The x-height on the d seems to be stretched longer to match the x- height of the F and E as they are capitalized. This helps keep the uniform plane that the text then creates when written out. It also appears that only one type of typeface was used and there was no mixing of typefaces.

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