Blog Post #5 – Helvetica [Emilee Shimazu]


I chose to use the skype logo as an example for the helvetica blog post largely due to the fact that skype, like helvetica, has the intention of being universal. Helvetica is a typeface created with the purpose of being simple, ultimately using the white (and in this case, blue) spaces around the letters to create the logos atmosphere, and being accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. The skype logo is in all lowercase letters, but the lettering is evenly spaced and extremely clean, showing up really well against the blue background that holds the letters in place. Even though skype is a relatively new brand with a logo that has been around for less than a decade, more and more people use it every year around the world and can recognize and identify the iconic blue and white logo, due in part to the great use of helvetica for the lettering of the logo itself to act accessible to anyone, no matter their location. Much like helvetica, skype is a program intended to connect people from different places around the world, and the logo offers a crisp, clear message that helps emphasize the programs intention.

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