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Graphic Novel Review: Dawson Bolen

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading the graphic novel “EARTHLING” by Mark Fearing. The story is about a young boy who attends school on a distant planet. He makes friends, plays sports, and does many other activities to … Continue reading

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Final Poster Comic: Dawson Bolen

I was inspired by the graphic novel that I checked out from the Owen library. I love sci fi and as soon as I started brainstorming and making my pre sketch, the first Idea that popped into my head was … Continue reading

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Individual Voices: Dawson Bolen

During my visit to the WSU Art Museum, I looked at a lot of great artwork and graphic novels. A work that stood out to me was a graphic novel titled “Abruption” from the Northwest Alternative Comics Exhibition. The story … Continue reading

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Invisible Emotion: Dawson Bolen

The lines in an image can be made to evoke an emotional response or set a certain tone for a viewer. During my visit at the MASC, I looked at many comic books, but one that stood out to me … Continue reading

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Closure and Time Frames: Dawson Bolen

The graphic Novel I chose to read is called Earthling by Mark Fearing. It’s a science fiction novel about a boy who goes to school in outer space. This sequence on page 67 is an example of action to action … Continue reading

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Final digital comic collage: Dawson Bolen

Going into this project, I was not sure at all what I was going to create. However, I just kept playing around in Photoshop and by scanning  some items in my room. I had a bunch of pop tart boxes … Continue reading

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Design Elements and Principles: Dawson Bolen

I found page 40 of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics very interesting and effective in terms of John Lovett’s design principles. John Lovett describes Value as the lightness or darkness of a caller. Value can also be described as tone. Page … Continue reading

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Physical to Virtual: Dawson Bolen

I brought in a pop tart box, a button up shirt, and a tissue box in during our class period at the CDSC. After playing around with the scanner in Avery hall, I’ve considered digitizing other items in my room … Continue reading

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Print VS Digital Comic: Dawson Bolen

I sketched the comic on the left by hand while I created the comic on the right using Adobe Illustrator. Hand drawing enables an artist to customize their artwork with their own unique style which is harder to accomplish in … Continue reading

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