Print VS Digital Comic: Dawson Bolen

This is my digital comic that I created using adobe illustrator

I sketched the comic on the left by hand while I created the comic on the right using Adobe Illustrator. Hand drawing enables an artist to customize their artwork with their own unique style which is harder to accomplish in illustrator. Also there is no skills needed other than drawing and sketching necessary to hand draw a comic. However, Illustrator enabled me to use precise line work and with a little bit of experience it enables anyone to create good artwork with out major artistic talent. I’m not a very talented artist so I had more fun making the comic through illustrator. Personally I like reading printed comics because it feels different when I have something physical in front of me rather than my computer. This also eliminates distractions that come with technology. Reading the first chapter of understanding comics helped

This is my hand drawn comic.

me better understand alignment and sequence which I utilized in my digital comic strip.

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