Print Versus Digital Comic: Zahra Mahamud



Using an old-fashioned pencil and paper making my hand-drawn comic took longer and felt a bit more stressful than when I used a software application to make my comic. I felt as though I had the more creative freedom to make an out of the box comic topic using software than I did with the hand-drawn comic that’s partly because the benefits with the software I used which was powerpoint I was mainly putting images together and creating a story. It was more like positioning the right objects in the right sequence to create a storyline that was easy to follow. With my hand dawn comic, however, the drawback was that I couldn’t decide what to draw and how to draw it this can be due to the fact that I am not a great artistic person when it comes to hand drawing anything. The difference between reading a comic on-screen as opposed to paper is that it’s more authentic to read a comic on paper than it is to read it digitally, however, I will say that if someone is not artistically gifted (like me) then digitalized comics might be a better option to read then paper. Reading the first chapter allowed me to think outside of the box with my digital comic because Scott McCloud said that basically a comic a sequence of images based that have a narrative and a direction. So, taking these points into consideration I broadened my horizon and realized that Microsoft powerpoint software has an animation tool so I created a storyline with that and added text bubbles to create dialogue. Overall between the two different routes of creating a comic, I felt the proudest of my digital comic because it didn’t have to do with my artistic skills but it did challenge enough to come up with a creative concept using a simple tool used usually for slides and presentations.


Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 8.47.50 PM

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