Print Versus Digital Comic

drawn comic by Peter Dowell

Drawn Comic by Peter Dowell, August 2019

I created two comics, one I drew by hand, and the other I used MS paint to draw my comic. My first comic is the hand drawn comic where I had someone saying they murdered somebody in an argument. The other comic is just some people playing outside and a guy inside. The hand drawn comic was very different from my online one because for my drawn comic I just used a pencil and paper and just some ideas that I had about metaphors, while I wanted to only use the shape tools in MS paint for my digital comic.

The benefits of drawing with pencil and paper are that I could use my hands and draw the comic anywhere even if there was not a computer as long as I was able to put my paper somewhere and it was more physical.

digital comic by Peter Dowell

Digital comic by Peter Dowell, August 2019

The computer comic was more linear and clean compared to my hand drawn comic because I wanted to only use the shape tool in MS paint and it gave me the more linear design, but I also had to be more creative in my approach in how to connect the shapes. I also used the paint bucket for coloring in as well in my digital comic where I needed the physical coloring items to color my hand drawn, so I did not add color to it. I didn’t really notice any differences when I was looking at my drawn comic or my digital comic when looking at paper vs screen. This might be because my comic only involves two panels so if it was more complex I would have noticed more of a difference.

Initially for my digital comic, I was going to just use one panel where it was raining and the people outside were sad, but after reading the first chapter I thought about Scott McCloud’s definition of comics which was “Juxtaposed pictorial and other images in a deliberate sequence”, I wanted another panel to compare the comic to. In the first one it is rainy and the guy is happy inside while the people are sad outside. This initially doesn’t convey how the guy is happy inside rather than outside, but after I add the next panel to juxtapose the first we can see that the people are happy when it is not raining.

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