Demo Post About Displaying Media in WordPress: Kristin Becker

I found this comic displayed in Bookpeople in Moscow, ID in Fall 2018.

This is a demo post about how I would like you to display image-based media in your posts for this class. Looking at images, deciphering their meaning, and writing about them is a big part of what we do in this course. Good graphic design allows a viewer/reader to both see an image and read about it at the same time if possible. The visual mode and spatial modes of communication we discussed in week 1 of class apply here, as does the concept of juxtaposition that we read about in Chapter 1 of Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics.” These concepts are important for words and the images that relate to them on websites. Due to the way websites are structured, there are some limitations to how we can arrange images within browser windows, especially when using software like WordPress. Please follow my tutorial so you know how to display your media for this class.

This is a frame from page 22 of Scott McCloud‘s book “Understanding Comics.”

I found this comic displayed in Bookpeople in Moscow, ID in Fall 2018.

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