Print Versus Digital Comic: Hyelim Min

Digital Comic by Hyelim Min

When I compare drawing a comic by hand and digitally, I would prefer to hand draw all of the comics. While they both have their own benefits and drawbacks, what hand drawing provides outweighs the benefits of digital. The benefits of drawing a comic by hand is when an idea or an imagination comes to mind I don’t have to worry about how the outcome is going to be and I can keep sketching them whereas when it comes to digital drawing it takes a lot of time and once I am not satisfied I feel like I wasted my time. Also, when it comes to describing the comics facial features or scenario when I draw them by hand, I am able to express emotions better. The only drawback I would say I have with drawing comics by hand is that when I am close to finishing and make a mistake whether its coloring in the wrong color or if I drew a picture unevenly it is hard to fix whereas on digital you can control it whenever you want to make the picture come out evenly and clear.

Whether it’s the news, books, magazines, or comics I personally think that the best way to understand the drawers/editor’s story is by reading them on paper. While drawing digitally can be just as stressful or even more stressful then drawing comics I think that the images come more to life and can even relate emotionally.

Hand Drawn Comic by Hyelim Min

Before purchasing the textbook “Understanding Comics” I completed my comics. However, I do believe that if I was to purchase the textbook before I finished drawing then it could of helped me out but overall I am satisfied with my drawing and feel that what I would of gotten from “Understanding Comics” is shown in my comics.

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