Final digital comic collage: Dawson Bolen

This is my final comic collage converted to web resolution.

Going into this project, I was not sure at all what I was going to create. However, I just kept playing around in Photoshop and by scanning  some items in my room. I had a bunch of pop tart boxes as I do eat them on a daily basis so I thought, why not make this collage about them. I sort of created a landscape using different scans and made it into a strawberry farm. Then I added a few panels to create the story and added various other elements to make it into a collage. If anything, I would hope that I make readers of my project laugh. The story is fictional and doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t intend to make the story line some deep or philosophical message. I took a less serious approach, but I think the nonsensical nature of this makes it kind of funny. 

My comic does fit the criteria for Scott MCcloud’s definition of a comic. It uses images in a deliberate sequence to tell a story while also creating an aesthetic response in the viewer. While I was creating the project, I took John Lovett’s design principles into consideration. I considered concepts such as contrast and tone to make my project visually pleasing.

This is not my first time using Photoshop, however, it had been a while since I last used it. I took a digital media class my junior and senior year of high school and worked with it quite a bit. But it’s been a while and I needed to watch most of the tutorials for review. I found layer masks most useful in this project because I needed to hide certain parts of layers pretty frequently. I used many layer masks to hide parts and combine layers. I like creating in the digital environment like I did in this project because I can create content on my own computer from my room. I also just enjoy playing around in Photoshop and changing images.



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