Final Digital Comic Collage: Eddie Abellar

Digital Comic Collage by Eddie Abellar, Fall 2019.

My digital comic collage fits Scott McCloud’s definition of a comic because it produces an aesthetic for the viewer to respond to. Although there is no specific sequence to view the collage, the images that were used work together to form a comprehensible work of art. While I was creating this comic collage the principles and elements of design I made sure to focus on were shape, contrast, and repetition with variation. The images that were used to create the collage were random things that I found in my room and kitchen. I juxtaposed these images to create a person out of them. The idea behind creating a person out of random objects that I scanned is to help the viewer relate to the collage by using certain objects that the viewer may have used in the past such as a fork or a quarter.

This was not my first time using Photoshop but I would still consider myself a beginner because this was my first big project done using Photoshop. I learned a lot from watching the tutorials in class. One new thing that I learned in photoshop was the select and mask space when making selections. This space was really good for fine tuning selections in the overlay view. I used the select and mask space a lot when creating this collage. Other tools I used to create this collage were the quick selection tool, lasso tool, magnifier tool, brush tool, elliptical marquee and rectangular marquee tools. All of these tools were essential to creating the necessary body parts to create a person out of the random objects I scanned. I really enjoyed working on this project and working in Photoshop. Working in Photoshop felt like digital arts and crafts which was a lot of fun.

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