Physical to Virtual: Dawson Bolen

This copy of the Daily Evergreen was delivered to my address on Wednesday September 4th

I brought in a pop tart box, a button up shirt, and a tissue box in during our class period at the CDSC. After playing around with the scanner in Avery hall, I’ve considered digitizing other items in my room such as my sandals and maybe a few other shirts of mine. I have a few more shirts with interesting patterns and the sandals would have a cool design if I scanned the bottom. Some objects I practiced scanning with this week varied from many different objects in my room. I scanned a key, a watch, a newspaper, and the pop tart box I brought into class. The newspaper was a good item to scan for a collage with all of its text and imagery. After our first class at the CDSC I got to see the items brought in by everyone else which motivated me to find more interesting items. I chose not to scan most of the items I brought into class because I’m looking for things that have more visual appeal. 

This is my Vincero watch.

 I’m also considering visiting a thrift store to see if I can find anything worth scanning. I want to scan items that are visually interesting. I’m looking for objects that have interesting patterns, imagery, textures, and even text that would contribute to an interesting collage. I plan to keep playing around with the scanners by testing out different items in my room. That will give me a good idea of what to use in the final project.

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