Physical vs Virtual: Bruno Signorelli

The items that I brought to the CDSC visit were just three cutouts from magazine. None were specific just random images that I found interesting when I saw them. I do really like the idea of scanning something from a magazine and using in my project. I specifically want the background of my project to just be a page from a magazine because it will give the background texture especially if I crumple the page before scanning it. After the visit I also have been considering scanning something that is a fabric because I think it will be weird yet effective contrast from my magazine background if I do decide to go that route. One last thing I plan on scanning are just random daily items you can find on your body or bag on any given day, like a wallet, money, or just scraps of paper. I think this will be interesting because I think if throughout my project I add random objects that deliberately block out certain areas of the page it will give off this idea of my project almost being a picture of a work space. I think this could be a very interesting concept to play with, and will also be a challenge to get it right.

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