Physical to Virtual: Min Kim

A scan of my glasses by Min Kim September 2019

The materials I initially brought to the first day of scanning were doodles I had drawn in my personal journal and when I though about scanning materials, I limited myself into thinking I had to bring flat objects. After class going over scanning and resolution, I saw all the different objects from textured fabrics to coins and I realized that bringing more of those types of items would make my collage much more interesting. In the search for more captivating subjects, I decided to try scanning several objects such as my glasses and pencil pouch. These were items that were synonymous to my everyday life seeing how I need my glasses to see and that I am often identified by them.

A scan of my pencil pouch by Min Kim September 2019

I chose to scan my pencil pouch because it holds all my pens and pencils which I use to draw and go about my school life. In addition, I was curious to see how my glasses would scan and if the lens would create some sort of glare or reflection. I specifically chose my pencil pouch not only for its sentimental value but because it has a leather texture that I felt would be incorporative to my collage . The predicament I found was that I originally wanted to have a white background for my scans but perhaps because I was unable to fully close the scan machine the color came out more grey and picked up the glass table. Furthermore, it may also have to do with the machine itself and I plan to re-scan my items to see if I can achieve that white background. Next time, I plan on attempting to scan clothing pieces to emphasize the texture portion of the project.


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