Invisible Emotion: Dawson Bolen

The lines in an image can be made to evoke an emotional response or set a certain tone for a viewer. During my visit at the MASC, I looked at many comic books, but one that stood out to me was a story called the Breaks. In the photographed page, the two guys are breaking into a house because the owners are on vacation. It uses heavy and dark lines to portray anxiety, and high stakes in this situation as they are breaking into a house. 



In comics, text also plays a huge role. Text itself is very effective, however if it’s used the right way with imagery, it can be way more powerful. I spent a while flipping through a comics magazine called Raw. There was a huge variety of images and comic sequences but one page caught my attention in the way that it utilized text and implemented it with images. This page shows a picture-specific relationship between the image and text. The text isn’t a huge part of the page but it gives the images some context that wouldn’t be there without text. The sequence on this page is no doubt image dominant but the text does a good job of adding a little bit of context. 

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