Invisible Emotion: Sydney Seay

Image from “Copy That” Zine by J.R. Williams, published in 2018. Accessed in the MASC at WSU.

This monster-looking creature is created using almost only lines. As McCloud says, this use of lines create emotional and sensual responses in the reader. The lines used by the author in this creation parallel many of the things McCloud says these lines evoke. The spikey lines around the creature can show anxiety or loudness according to McCloud, and I would agree that these are representing the loudness and intensity of the shock that we presume is going through the monster from the lines coming out of the two large objects in the corners. These lines are showing what McCloud would call sour, but I see the intensity of the electricity. The author chose to shade and detail the character through the use of lines and dots, as he does to decorate the edge of the frame and the space around the character which is demonstrated on page 133.


Image from “Crazy Men Deluxe” Comic by Michael Roden in 1985. Accessed in the MASC at WSU.

This image shows how words and pictures can be interdependent through the alternate use of the ‘hole no. 36’ piece. If that was just on its own, while there is no hole 36 in golf unless you are playing multiple rounds, one would assume they were talking about golf. The image contributes to that thought with the characters holding golf clubs, so one could assume this image is referring to golf. However, when the rest of the image is considered, it becomes apparent the author is referring to a black hole in space. The double meaning of a hole, in golf and in space is played with to create a need for the text and images to be displayed together. If the words were not there, it would be confusing as to why the characters were holding golf clubs looking at a black hole in space. These words allow for the double meaning to be clarified and a third message to be conveyed through the interdependency of the words and pictures.

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