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Putting It All Together: Korie Cedre

For my final comic, I decided to not only take a bit more time and thought into my comic, but to incorporate a bit of myself as well. The general idea of the comic is someone missing their significant other … Continue reading

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Show and Tell: Korie Cedre

I decided to shape my story after my biggest stressor currently, being deadlines. I have a lot due this week, so I let the story in my comic for this week help me express the stress. This was engaging with … Continue reading

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Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Korie Cedre

With my comic, I decided to do a three frame comic so that I could truly focus on emphasizing emotions and situations. With this, my comic below consists of a girl laying in bed and hearing the morning birds before … Continue reading

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Graphic Novel Review: Korie Cedre

The graphic novel I had chosen to read during this semester is “The Imitation Game, Alan Turning Decoded,” by Jim Ottaviani and illustrated by Leland Purvis. In summary, I enjoyed the story as it was a recognizable one, and the … Continue reading

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Northwest Alternative Comics: Korie Cedre

When visiting the WSU Art Museum Collection of the Northwest Alternative Comics collection, one artist stood out to me as I read one of her printed works. However, for this post, I will be focusing on the printed work by … Continue reading

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Closure and Time Frames: Korie Cedre

For our fourth blog post, I found a graphic novel to check out from the Owen Science Library. The graphic novel I decided upon was one in which I recognized the title, intriguing me as it was something I was … Continue reading

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Final Digital Comic Collage: Korie Cedre

My creative motivation for this project was “characterization,” rather than storytelling, which was most likely sprouted from me majoring in creative writing. Characterization involves more than how one appears in a writing piece, but also includes their interests, response, and … Continue reading

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Physical to Virtual: Korie Cedre

Some of the materials that I brought to CDSC to scan were small and flatter items. This includes my older and newer writing journals as I figured scanning line paper would be easier. I had also brought some movie tickets … Continue reading

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Print Versus Digital Comic: Korie Cedre

The difference between my experience of making a comic by hand versus using a digital tool was major. Not only did I find the digital comic more difficult, I had absolutely no knowledge of how to do it and could … Continue reading

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