Physical to Virtual: Korie Cedre

Some of the materials that I brought to CDSC to scan were small and flatter items. This includes my older and newer writing journals as I figured scanning line paper would be easier. I had also brought some movie tickets from the past few months. This is for I had thought that items had to be flat in order to be scanned. I was also unsure what exactly to bring. However, after the first scanning day, I realized that items having to be flat wasn’t the case as well that I actually had so much more that I could bring to scan. So some digital items I now consider digitizing are food wrappers, notecards given to me by those close to me, completed Japanese homework, and my favorite patches and pins. I think they will be interesting to use for my digital comics collage as these items vary in color, may have smaller messages that only I understand, and are items I recognize that define my past three years here at Washington State University. Some of these items conclude me being a vegetarian, and attending my friend’s Senior Ball, both pictured below.

Image Scanned by Korie Cedre, February 2020
Image Scanned by Korie Cedre, February 2020
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