Physical to Virtual: Luis Trejo

Before going to the CDSC, I could not think of anything that I wanted to create the project around and I looked for anything around my room. The first day of scanning at the CDSC I brought as many things that I can find that were in my room. The items consisted of a piece of paper, a few stickers, and other random items. Over time I have collected a few stickers here and there and thought they would best fit for the project. I noticed that out of everything that I collected most of them were stickers, but the rest was just random items that I could find. If I could add more items to the scan, I would try to find more stickers with different textures that would help better paint the picture I am envisioning for the project.

I think that adding more stickers to the project would help shape the vision that I am trying to create. With the items that I have scanned, I will be attempting to create a page from a sticker book. The randomness of the stickers and their conditions best represent how the inside pages of a sticker book would look like. I enjoyed seeing how Lynda Barry would take the randomness in her book and create it into something meaningful. I plan to gather my stickers and present them in a way that would tell a story is the same way she does in her work.

One of the stickers that I scanned was this shoe brand named “Supra”. I remember wearing them all the time when I was in middle school and I used too think they were cool. The sticker has aged a bit so it has a wrinkly feel to it as well as a few smudges that will bring texture to the project.

Supra Sticker By Luis Trejo

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