Physical to Virtual: Ethan Miller

On the first day to the CDSC, I wasn’t sure what I would bring, and looked towards other people for inspiration. What I did have was the things in my pockets, and after giving it a couple days of thought, I think the things in my pockets are a great showcase of items to include in my digital collage. For one, I carry the same 4 items in my pockets every day, no matter what. Phone, wallet, keys, air pods. Those four items have been in my pockets for years now, with no change, no difference, plus my keychain has a couple cool and important objects to me. When thinking of things I can bring that are important to me, nothing is more important that the things I carry on me every single day.

I’ll probably bring a pair of jeans to scan and imitate the things flying out of them, making a narrative as well as a showcase of several items. The air pods could be out of the case, hurling in different directions. Since each of these objects are very small I’ll have to consider spacing to decide if it’s enough to look like a full collage, but I was thinking I might layer the background with different hoodies or shirts to give it a more personal feel. Even though I consider the things in my pockets very important they aren’t completely unique, so some different shirts may give it a more “me” feel. I also have some good doodles in my school journals, and I take notes in a unique way so if that turns out nice I also may include that in my collage. It’s difficult to find flat items to scan for this project, especially since I don’t have the comfort of home objects, but hopefully this will be a great start and I can figure out how to add onto it as needed.

Ethan Miller Scan
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