Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Korie Cedre

With my comic, I decided to do a three frame comic so that I could truly focus on emphasizing emotions and situations. With this, my comic below consists of a girl laying in bed and hearing the morning birds before realizing that she had stayed up all night on her phone. Some of the normally invisible senses and emotions I hope to convey in my comic are the serene moments of early morning, including the morning birds, and sudden shock upon realizing something. A lot of the tools I used to create this comic involved the rectangle tool, as well the ellipses tool. The line tool was important as well as I used it a lot during the last frame, connecting the lines to create the feeling of shock or frustration. I think the sharpness of these tools, being its specific nature, allowed me to exaggerate the emotions I was trying to display. The tools also allowed the opportunity to bolden, or thicken, the lines to create a more intense situation. WIth this, I used the thin and less sharp lines to create a calm, simple moment. I followed this with bold, thick, and sharp lines to change the pace of the comic, creating a moment of shock. An observation I made about the tools and techniques I was trying this week, being digital, is that there was a lot of on and off clicking to switch tools. Adobe Illustrator seems to be a bit more sensitive compared to Photoshop, which I didn’t necessarily enjoy when creating this comic. In terms of closure, moment-to-moment and subject-to-subject can be seen in the three panels of my comic. Moment-to-moment is because of how each frame consists of within three minutes, and readers are able to see her hold then put down her phone. This is then met with subject-to-subject as the subject of morning birds and the surprise by this can be connected as how a few hours had passed. Unfortunately, my original idea for this comic was to provide multiple frames to show an even longer passing of time, perhaps even a few days, but my struggle with Adobe Illustrator is a bit of a barrier.

Comic by Korie Cedre made on Adobe Illustrator, April, 2020.
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