Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Blaine Casil

Comic by Blaine Casil

With the comic I created the senses and/or emotions I hoped to convey was a feeling of calmness yet sadness. The way I wanted to portray sadness is by using the pencil to create a shadow type of background and by having the figure create a flame then put it out soon after. With the background, I tried to keep it somewhat dark until the figure put the flame, that is when I made the background the darkest. When creating this, I only used a pencil and a tissue. For me personally, I do not have much experience with Illustrator so I wanted to create something the best way I knew how. Also the reason I chose to only use a pencil was because I felt as if I was able to put more feeling and emotions behind the comic. I used the tissue to smear some of the lines I made with the pencil that way the figure or idea that I was making was more obvious. 

The type of closure that I used for my comic strip was mostly movement-movement. Usually when I create comics I like to create pictures and let the pictures tell the story instead of using words. The reason for that is because I want to be able to connect with the reader and give them the ability to create their own story with my art. With this comic, I would say I do work with time because by having an open hand, snapping, back to an open hand then a closed fist, takes only a few seconds. The reader is able to tell that there was not much time between each action that the figure was doing. Also I think with a plain background, it was easier to create a sense of time because the focus is only on the hand.

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