Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Devon Anderson

Ever since moving home with the stay at home order I have been taking my dogs on walks daily. They always run and hide on the couch until I get the harness on them. The emotion I was trying to express was trepidation. The dogs are always nervous until we actually start walking and then they have a blast. I thought that this was a funny topic/action to re-invent in an illustrators platform.

Comic by Devon Anderson, April 2020

I created this comic on the Illustrator platform. I had some frustrations throughout the creative process and re-did different segments a couple times. That said I mainly used the text to express thoughts or conversation. For the images themselves I used a combination of lasso tool, rectangle tool, ellipse tool, line segment tool, and the paint brush. The lasso tool was super helpful in copying and pasting multiple parts of the art to be altered for later use. All of the line and shape tools were nice to make clean cut images. I used the paint brush to bring in more color and create shapes I did not find easy making with other tools. I found that there are still many techniques that are unknown to me that would have been helpful in the comic (I will have to re watch tutorials). Next time I hope to learn how to make my own pattern, I think that could have brought more texture to the blanket that is covering the dog.

In regards to closure you can see/hear in the first panel that the animal is moving and then you see that they had hidden under the blankets placed upon a couch. 

Time is not a huge consideration within this comic, you understand time has passed from the statement made and the thoughts by the dog but I would say that it is not a huge component.

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