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Single "Father" of The World's Best German Shepherd Puppy! I live by Three Word's "Impossible is Nothing". I believe if you are willing to give up your Sleep, your Laziness and your Judgement you WILL accomplish any dreams you think to be possible!


In writing and speech, a metaphor is used as an expression- a word or phrase; that refers to an unrelated idea, creating additional meaning. Images can be used in much the same way. For example in this painting of “Dark … Continue reading

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TBA: Alex Allen

The film Helvetica, is a documentary produced by Gary Hustwit about typography in general; but also about the Helvetica as a typeface itself. In this film, many influential typographers and graphic designers provide their opinions on Helvetica and how they … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy: Alex_Allen

The piece I choose from the MASC to talk about for this blog post, comes from a Chinese 19th century geography book printed on what looks like and feels like Xuen paper. My first impression of this book was quickly … Continue reading

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Formstorming & Modularity: Alex Allen

The graphic I decided to choose from Marian Bantje’s collection had to do with typefaces, seeing that our next project is directly related to this concept. I thought that by emerging myself to different styles of typefaces/calligraphy would force me … Continue reading

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Color Interaction: Alex Allen

This pattern caught my attention because while looking at the different designs within the pattern my eye starts to wonder and change my perspective of the image. The contrasting of the three primary colors make the image appear more geometric … Continue reading

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The quilt I choose to write this blog post about comes from Mary Lee Bendolph collection. Her quilt blocks, strips, strings, and half squares really jumped out to me because the way she used shapes, spacing, and color scheme to create … Continue reading

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Texture: Alex Allen

For this blog post on texture, I wanted to get some feedback on which image I should pick for project one. Below I have narrowed my images to my top 3. When thinking about what picture I wanted to take to … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane – Alex Allen

Points I choose to take this picture of a point because I think the three balled light post really stand out and is a clear indication of a point. The reason I consider this as a point is because the … Continue reading

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