Formstorming & Modularity: Alex Allen

The graphic I decided to choose from Marian Bantje’s collection had to do with typefaces, seeing that our next project is directly related to this concept. I thought that by emerging myself to different styles of typefaces/calligraphy would force me to do more research into this art and ultimately help me decide on what kind of typeface I would like to make for myself. Marian Bantie’s created this work of art for the TypeCon conference held in Seattle (2007), hence the Seattle in the middle of the image. In the creation of this master piece, Marian wanted to come up with a design that would make her stand out from the rest. This is when she got the crazy idea to take “letterspace” and make it convey another meaning. Relating this typographic work of art to our readings is a little challenging seeing that this piece of art is really like none of the concepts listed in the chapter readings. The only two concepts I can relate this form of art to in anyway is “breaking the block” and “Alterego”. The reason I say “breaking the block” is because in this design it seems like the artist had “designers block (writer’s block)” and started to experiment with different shapes and lines until finding an inspiration. The next concept I choose Alterego, the reason I choose this design concept was because “Alterego” pushes designers to step outside and beyond their comfort zone and experiment with fresh design language, media, and making. Lastly, connecting this piece of art to the modularity chapter. After reading through this chapter I felt that the “working with constraints” was the only concept that could be relatively close to Marian’s work of art shown here. The way Marian uses basic shapes and try’s to connect the theme on the conference with her art give off a limitation on what she can do but also the freedom to be creative nad put her own spin on it.


About Alex Allen

Single "Father" of The World's Best German Shepherd Puppy! I live by Three Word's "Impossible is Nothing". I believe if you are willing to give up your Sleep, your Laziness and your Judgement you WILL accomplish any dreams you think to be possible!
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