Art Museum Visit: Hunter Kozol

I chose to write about the Evacuation and relocation of Japanese American notice. It was created by John L DeWitt in 1942. This notice was printed on a 55 x 36 cm poster. The x-height of the letters is uniform and there is minimal descender height.  This font has a neutral set width and is geometric in nature. These qualities make the font very functional. This is important for posters whose job is to communicate information clearly and effectively. I’m influenced by this font because I think there is beauty in simplicity. This font is very functional, clean, and neat. I think those qualities are what draw me to san serif fonts including this form of Helvetica. I plan to create a san serif font because if the functionality and the clean lines. This font helped me realize that I like fonts that are geometric and simple. One way I think my design will differ from this font is in weight. I think the weight of this font is a little too heavy. A lighter san serif, perhaps with softer corners, it what I envision my font to look like.


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