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Helvetica: Hunter Kozol

  Helvetica is one of the most used fonts in the world. It is used to represent companies, give instructions, label street signs, and much more. The popularity of the font comes from its design. In the documentary Helvetica, typists … Continue reading

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Art Museum Visit: Hunter Kozol

I chose to write about the Evacuation and relocation of Japanese American notice. It was created by John L DeWitt in 1942. This notice was printed on a 55 x 36 cm poster. The x-height of the letters is uniform … Continue reading

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Color Interaction: Hunter Kozol

This pattern is deepened by the blue and green, but those cool colors also make the yellows reds and light oranges stand out. The Bezold Effect happens when a lighter color is interwoven with darker contrasting colors and it makes … Continue reading

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Pattern: Hunter Kozol

This quilt, Blocks And Strips Work-Clothes Quilt by Andrea Willams, is mainly made up of strips. Different sized rectangles make up the structure of this quilt. Four small rectangles make the top strip, one large rectangle fills the center of … Continue reading

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Texture: Hunter Kozol

This Image has raw concrete with marks carved in and peppered with small dark marks. It is raw and solid but rounded off at the edges. It is rough and scratched Inside the sharp angle of concrete are more layers … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane: Hunter Kozol

The visual world we observe every day is made up of, primarily, points, lines, and planes. These are the base components of design. Any combination of these elements can result in typography, blueprints, patterns, diagrams, etc. This red plastic cup … Continue reading

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