Color Interaction: Alex Allen

This pattern caught my attention because while looking at the different designs within the pattern my eye starts to wonder and change my perspective of the image. The contrasting of the three primary colors make the image appear more geometric while the baby blue and white help to bring the colors all together by helping separate the colors. I think the artists use of the color blue helps diminish the other colors and bring balance to the pattern. I also think the use of the blue is used to intensify the red and yellow shapes. This photo also appears to have two different pattern designs that look to be combined to make the final pattern. The two separate patterns you would see if they were separated would be the yellow start looking shape with the blue background and the badge looking shape (white, red, baby blue) with the blue background. The value of this image gives off more of a neutral appearance rather than leaning more towards a dark or bright stance. The saturation on the other hard leans more towards a solid color than a bright color. When it comes to analyzing the “hue” of this pattern, the primary colors don’t really intervene with each other; rather they help the eye move between each pattern more smoothly. In this pattern the analogous colors would include the dark blue with the baby blue dot in the middle of the yellow star shape. The use of “White Space” or “Blue Space” is used to help separate the two shapes and give the pattern more balance and direction. Without the use of the blue space, in the bulk of the design this pattern would get over taken by the positive space and change the appearance of the pattern. On the other hand, the use of the negative space (white space) helps define the badge shape and incorporates texture to the blue space and in turn brings the two patterns together more effectively.

About Alex Allen

Single "Father" of The World's Best German Shepherd Puppy! I live by Three Word's "Impossible is Nothing". I believe if you are willing to give up your Sleep, your Laziness and your Judgement you WILL accomplish any dreams you think to be possible!
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