The quilt I choose to write this blog post about comes from Mary Lee Bendolph collection. Her quilt blocks, strips, strings, and half squares really jumped out to me because the way she used shapes, spacing, and color scheme to create aesthetic designs and lettering. The patterns and imagery used in this quilt made me think of three separate designs combing to make one. She used rectangular lines to help her in spacing these 3 designs out on the quilt. Example being the red rectangular line in the bottom middle section and a black rectangular line in the top left section. Also, while looking at this quilt, I noticed she emphasized letters which probably means something much greater in her culture or everyday life. But what really stood out to me was her organic shapes and the use of colors as seen in the design to the left with the H’s. I think it looks the way it does for a couple reasons. One being her African style of art which really helped me better understand art different cultures art patterns and two being her ability to take separate pieces of art she created and merge them into one piece.

Mary’s, rich African American improvisations, pattern redirections, and syncopation I think gives this piece a more cultural meaning. Her inspiration for this quilt came from a two week stay with Louisiana Bendolph at Paulson Press in Berkeley California. Mary, staying true to her style of African American improvisations, pattern redirections, and syncopation wanted her quilt to give off her ingenious take on what Gee’s Benders call “Strings”- interlaced wedge shapeds of cloth. Not having a extensive knowledge of quilt making I couldn’t tell that this quilt was made in pieces and then brought together until after reading more about her style of working.

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Single "Father" of The World's Best German Shepherd Puppy! I live by Three Word's "Impossible is Nothing". I believe if you are willing to give up your Sleep, your Laziness and your Judgement you WILL accomplish any dreams you think to be possible!
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