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Final Reflection: Shawn Stephens

Shengjie Wu Shengjie does a really great job of prefacing the interview with all the information that you need without anything extra; he gives us the interviewer’s name, the interviewee’s name and profession, and what they’re going to be discussing … Continue reading

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Oral History: Shawn Stephens

It was easy talking to Mei, but I could’ve done a better job of listening fully until she had finished answering, and then responding to her answers. I think that makes the difference between a good interviewer and a bad … Continue reading

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The biggest concept from Understanding Comics that inspired my comic was closure. Closure was the most interesting concept from the book to me, since it’s such a complex topic. Closure is present in every form of media we consume, and good … Continue reading

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Shawn Stephens – Blog #4

Comics are having a harder and harder time finding their place among modern media. Just like McCloud points out on page 65, “In film, closure takes place continuously– twenty-four times per second, in fact– as our minds, aided by the … Continue reading

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Shawn Stephens – Digital Collage

I based my piece off of a photo I found in the WSU photo archive. I immediately loved the photo when I saw it; the way the students are framed, the way some stick out of the crowd higher than … Continue reading

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Blog 2: History of Collage & Photomontage – Shawn Stephens

Mathieu Borel takes vintage photos and fractures them, then arranges them in multiple ways to create a single cohesive image. It’s really interesting to me that he is able to take just a single photograph and make it into a … Continue reading

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Technological Artifact: Shawn Stephens

My Wacom tablet is solid, dependable and smooth to use. No matter where I take it or what happens to it, it always gets the job done. A lot of tablets or drawing boards these days cost a lot and … Continue reading

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