Final Reflection: Shawn Stephens

Shengjie Wu

Shengjie does a really great job of prefacing the interview with all the information that you need without anything extra; he gives us the interviewer’s name, the interviewee’s name and profession, and what they’re going to be discussing in the interview. It’s really well edited, and the music adds to the feel of the interview.

He does a really great job of giving all the context necessary for the interviewee to answer each question. This is somewhere I felt I was lacking in my interview that made mine a bit harder, since some of my questions were a bit unclear. It was hard for my interviewee to understand exactly what I was trying to ask, so I would have to try to rephrase the question after she answered. This led to me having to cut out/rearrange a lot of my questions/answers, and ended up being the hardest part of the editing process for me.

His questions give Janssen a lot of room to give really in-depth answers. He gets to really articulate his knowledge of the field, and speak to the ways that graphic designers operate today, specifically the students here at WSU that he teaches.

Rachel Lentz

I really enjoyed this interview in particular, since before this interview I didn’t know anything about commercial vehicle driving, or the regulations that come with it. It was interesting to hear about all the hoops commercial vehicle drivers have to jump through, and how regulations have changed over time.

I love to listen to people talking about topics that pertain to me specifically, but it was also really humbling and interesting to hear an expert discuss something that I don’t know anything about, just in a different way.

As for the interview itself, I think it was clear that the interviewer and the interviewee had a close relationship, which really makes an interview to me. I think the sound quality could’ve been a little better, but I think the quality of the conversation itself makes up for it.

Angela Basinger

It was really great to hear about the progression of medical technology. She seems like she not only knows a lot about the industry, but has strong opinions about what the industry should be about, and what values should be upheld in the industry. It was so interesting to hear her talk about all the different dimensions that there are to being a nurse/medical case worker. Rather than just viewing the job as a big paycheck, she really believes in putting the patient before all else.

The interview itself is recorded well. Even though there’s a bit of an echo, the audio is clear and sounds good. In addition, you can tell there were parts where she took time to think over her answers, and those parts were cut out for the sake of the listener, so I really appreciated that.

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