Final Reflection: Christian Solovey

Oral History 1: Jenna Walker’s interview on the advancement of tools used for writing. The interviewee states thats moving from the typewriter to typing on computers has had a successful and positive impact on writing for herself and for others. A lot of times, I have found older people enjoy the technological artifacts better than things more modern, because life was easier back then or reasons similar. The writing technologies were great for everybody, made things more efficient and let people keep their mind’s running while writing rather than getting side tracked by looking up how to spell a word. This was a great oral history, it explains the past clearly and somewhat of a timeline of how writing technology has grown, as well as using a great example of someone from a different generation.

Oral History 2: Emmalina Krist’s interview explains the growth of internet, coding and web design. The most interesting thing I found was when the interviewee explains the transformation of when you didn’t need to change the code directly to edit a web page, but had tools to change the layout directly without changing code (although you can change the code as well). With that, the differences between using CMS (open source) and simply using a site like Word Press. It seems things have gotten easier with code writing/web design but keeping up with the pace in which it changes and advances has not changed as is the most important thing in web design. I believe this is a great oral history, Emmalina uses an interesting topic that effects everyone (directly or indirectly) who uses the internet, the questions were clear and concise, edited very well, and used someone from a different generation.

Oral History 3: Luke Schauble’s interview entails his father’s experience in his business of international sales before and after the internet had been introduced to society. Interesting facets of this interview were his father explaining before the internet how slow and kind of frustrating for business transactions and communications it could be. After the internet, his father’s company grew by nearly 7x in terms of gross sales, and how all the slow times of business were basically eliminated. However with the internet, security concerns have risen with people being able to steal bank information and other similar things. This is a great interview because it clearly explains the differences the internet can make within a smaller business and in terms of international communication. The audio was very clear and the editing was very clear as well, with the interviewee being from an older generation this oral history was a great one to listen and learn from in my opinion.

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