Final Reflection: Bethany Smyth

For my final reflection I listened to Jenna Walker’s, Melissa Urueta’s, and Seth Muck’s Oral History projects. I thought they were all very interesting and I really enjoyed working on this project myself.

Jenna Walker: I thinks its really cool to hear about the use of older technology versus modern technology. When I was younger I thought it’d be fun to have a typewriter and my mom had an electric typewriter. It was fun for a while but over time it became a hassle to go back and white out writing errors manually, so I can understand why Jenna’s grandmother prefers the modern day computer.
I enjoyed her memory about having to write her papers by hand and then type them on the typewriter. After that you had to back out cross out mistakes, and white out any errors by hand. With computers today, theres less use of paper because it is so easy and quick to handle errors right away, rather than retyping everything until the paper is up to standards.

Melissa Urueta: I really liked the gentle music in the background. Its soothing and adds more elements to the audio. It was really great to hear about technology within the restaurant industry and how it makes it so much easier, faster, and accurate to get orders back to the chefs or food preparers.
I never really thought about it, but when a store has technical issues with computers, they can lose a to of money because so many people don’t carry around cash and rely on their credit or debit cards to pay.
I thought this was a really good example of oral history, even though the technology is very recent, restaurants and stores heavily rely on this kind of technology to help their business succeed.

Seth Muck: The music introduction was really great. It was clear. The voices were also clear but the contrast of the volume of the voices and music are very different. The voices are very distinct which is great. Katelyn mentions her first iPod was an iPod shuffle and it was difficult to find music on it but also creating multiple playlists wasn’t accessible. I liked how she had a lot of strong opinions about ways to play music. A good example was how playing auto tuned music on a record player would ruin the resolution of the music where as playing unedited music would sound better on a record. Every one has different opinions on modern technology especially modern music and it was nice to hear a different opinion.
I thought the interview incorporated different themes very well and I thought the options and examples Katelyn had to share were refreshing. The story was a good example of oral histroy, even though Katelyn is young there is still relevant technological history being shared.

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