Final Reflection: Jessica Harja

Jenna Walker: This was a very interesting interview. Learning about how someone started with a typewriter and moving to a computer is pretty interesting. Coming from an art degree myself, writing wasn’t that common unless it was for a different class. The ease of current technology seems to be a big theme that is discussed compared to some of the other technologies that have been used that the interviewee describes. It sounds like it used to be a very laborious task to write papers because you would draft it by hand and then move to the typewriter whereas now it can mostly be on the computer. Honestly, even now, I never really draft directly onto a computer unless I’m absolutely confident in what I’m writing about. I prefer to draft on paper and then type it. This is definitely a good example of an oral history project because it talks about how we’ve changed in technology and how it helps current college students.

Emmalina Krist: I really liked this interview. It was really fascinating to learn how someone started to go through creating webpages through the original coding and teaching themselves to do so and then trying to adjust with the changing ways the internet worked in order to keep using them. What was really interesting was how the interviewee talked about how the newest ways to create a website are actually pretty difficult because they are mostly designed for people who have no experience in creating a website. Since this user has experience in coding it was interesting to hear that they didn’t care for current website creating websites because some of them block the user from accessing the backdoor information to be more customizable. I think this was a great oral history assignment because it covered so many different themes and topics and would be something I would be willing to listen to the entire interview.

Bethany Smyth: It was really interesting to see what Bethany changed from when I originally heard the raw file of the interview. The audio is way more cohesive and the audio is all around the same volume instead of having to turn it up and down constantly. The topics that are discussed are interesting in how music technology changes and how that technology changes how people act socially. Probably one of the interviews that brings up a lot of different themes and topics that would bring up more topics that could be discussed. However the music echoing in the background along with the hollow sound of the audio made it really distracting to listen to towards the end of the interview. Theme-wise it was a really interesting assignment but more of the cohesiveness needed to be worked on.

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