Final Reflection: Melissa Urueta

I listened to Jenna Walker’s oral history. She interviewed her grandma and the discussion began with where she studied and how she had to turn in her assignments. The grandma had a typewriter. She talks about the differences between the two and the advancements to adjust to the different types of writing materials. She also talks about how much she likes the advancements in writing tools and how she adapted in order to make her work easier. I thought that it was interesting that she said that she would rather use a computer because it made her life much easier. This is a good example of a oral history because she gave all of her feed back about the differences in writing technology and how she adapted and how she it influenced her life. The interview flowed really nicely and I liked how she shared a lot of thoughts in comparison to technology then and now.

I also listened to Milo Larson’s interview  and he interviewed his father and they discussed how technology has evolved for him personally.What i found interesting in his interview is how as a student he had to pay people per page to get a handwritten page typed up. It just shows how far technology had come in such a short amount of time. It went from having everything handwritten to easily typing and printing from the comfort of your home. In terms of technological development, it made things like computers and printer more accessible to everybody and made everyone’s life easier because of the connivence factor that they brought in. It was a good oral history because it discussed all about his father’s personal experience with the lack of school and it almost told a story about what it was like for him. The background music was a nice touch.

Finally, I listened to Emily Bruckner’s interview where she interviewed her father. They discuss the comparison that he had with in person university level educated and online school. What I found interesting was that her father earned one degree in-person and the second degree he earned a degree online. In terms of technological development this show how far technology in education has grown to be. He earned one degree in person in one time period and another recently in the comfort of where ever he wanted to complete his schoolwork. It was a good oral history because he talked all about his personal experience and how much it had changed in today’s society. It was cohesive and clear and it gave a lot of insight as to what his personal experience was like.


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