Technological Artifact: Shawn Stephens

My Wacom tablet is solid, dependable and smooth to use. No matter where I take it or what happens to it, it always gets the job done. A lot of tablets or drawing boards these days cost a lot and implement new methods or features, but I don’t think any of it can compare to the crazy strong durability of the Wacom, and its’ practical, simple interface.

This tablet has been with me since 2009 and hasn’t failed me yet. Even though the pen might be a little worse for wear, I refuse to give up on it until it gives out on me. (Photo by Shawn Stephens, August 2018)

I started using this tablet when I was 9 years old, and I’m so glad my dad bought it for me. As a kid I liked using computers, but I didn’t see it as a creative outlet until I got my tablet. It was only about $200, and it really changed the trajectory of my academic endeavors and career.

Even before we bought it, my favorite thing to do all throughout elementary school was make comics with my friends. I would fold some pieces of paper, and we would write little skits and adventures. They were mostly ripped off of whatever TV shows we watched at the time, but it was really fun anyways. We all had our own characters, inside jokes, and

I use my tablet to sketch out ideas or concepts in Photoshop. (Photo created by Shawn Stephens, August 2018)

alternate universes. I think this is when I started to see art as something I really loved; not just as a way to make dumb little drawings, but as a way to convey ideas or connect with others.

My tablet gave me a way to turn my passion for drawing into a skill that I could use, and turn into a career. I’m still really thankful that I was able to find what I love to do early on, and I was given the opportunity in the first place. It’s weird to think that maybe if I had never gotten that tablet, maybe design would’ve just stayed a dumb hobby I had in elementary school.

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