Technological Artifact: Angelo Timbol

There are many technological artifacts that I am quite fond of in my life. Some are definitely still a part of my daily or weekly routines, giving me a sense of nostalgia fairly often. This particular artifact holds a very special place in my heart, every time I use it feelings of satisfaction and joy follow. The CD has been in my life for as long as I could remember, one was always present at family nights, birthday parties, and lazy Sunday afternoons. In essence, the CD did a lot for me, and I think others as well. Upon the release of the compact disc, it was the most portable movies, TV, and music  had ever been. As a kid, I remember seeing most of my friends had CD walkmans and DVD players at their houses. Moviegoing was as easy as reclining the chair in your living room, my family and countless other enjoyed this luxury.


This was the Walkman I owned as a kid (via Google Images)


I remember my father telling me a story about the time he first listened to a CD. My father grew up in the mid eighties to nineties, so the walkman cassette player dominated portable music. He was very vocal about the clarity, quality, and overall portability of the CD, making it a staple in his everyday life. I myself has a Sony Walkman portable CD player. It was covered in a sleek blue hue and had a clip for me to hang on my pants. My third grade self was amazed at the fact that I was listening to music at recess so seamlessly. As seamless as the CD made portable media, it was quickly overrun by greater technologies. One couldsay the CD fell victim to the concept of creative destruction. Now movies are streamable on laptops, phones, and the internet, the same goes for listening to music as well. My house hold went from going to Blockbuster for a disc, to flipping through a Netflix suggestion bar.

Personally, I still use CD’s quite a bit. Frequently, I’ll purchase music albums and DVD’s to add to a personal collection of mine. There’s a part of me that can’t let go of the satisfaction of popping a CD into a DVD or music player, so I guess you could say I have an affinity for the nostalgia it brings me. CD’s give me a brief feeling of what it was like to enjoy media back then, and also begs me to reflect over the strides portable media has come.


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