Technological Artifact: Josue Cuevas

If I would have to think of an technological artifact that defines me it would be a VCR other wise known as a video cassette recorder. I choose this because I love movies and memories much like other people and for me growing up using the VCR we had at home was the only way I could experience any of that. Essentially a VCR was a pre cursor I would say to the DVD player because it did the simple things a DVD player would do. For example you would buy movies in VHS form (this was what you would put in the VCR to play much like a disc into a DVD player) and run it into the VCR and you could watch whatever movie you just bought. Another thing the VCR did was it could record TV programs for you, kind of like a DVR would nowadays. My dad would use the VCR to record soccer games he would miss because of work then come home to watch them before we had a DVR player.

Similar VCR to the one I have at home

To me the VCR means a lot to me because we would record family events on VHS tape and play them over and over again to remind us of our good times. I don’t have any family here in this country they are all in Mexico, so the only way I can see them and be reminded of the great memories we had is through watching old VHS tapes we recorded when I did get the chance to see them. Another thing my parents or sisters did is they would buy me movies in VHS form and I would watch those movies repeatedly. Some movies in particular were the Star Wars movies which are my favorite to this day and I first watched them on my family’s VCR. Much like the Media Archaeology Lab I still have this artifact in my house to remind my family and I of the past. How the past is the best way to help us make a better future either in the sense of my family and memories, or in the sense of the MAL and understanding past technologies to better the present and future technologies.

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