Technological Artifact: Liz Kurtz

This is a Boeing 747, a common 2018 international airplane. (Bing images)

A technological artifact that plays a large role in my personal life is aircraft. Having a love for travel and a desire to see the unknown would be impossible if not for airplanes or in that case, any form of transportation. After recently traveling to, and backpacking around Asia, I have developed a severe case of the travel bug. I feel that exploring new places and cultures is something vital to everyone, and has really helped me find myself as well as my views and morals. Given this, I want to spend the rest of my life traveling all around the world, this would not be feasible without transportation. Aircraft is one of the most valuable and treasured pieces of technology in my life and will continue to be so. I was 12 when I flew on my first plane and immediately fell in love with it! Everything from the airport to the take off, planes truly captured my heart. For a while I even thought about becoming a pilot. My dreams of traveling the world haven’t faded, yet the desire to be the one flying the plane has. Regardless, aircraft In general has shown me a another world, latterly and figuratively. For that I am thankful and will continue to spend the rest of my life looking forward to my next flight.

The Wright brothers successfully flew the first plane in 1903. (Bing Images)

Understanding the history and value of aircraft is important. After Reading about the mission of the Media Archaeology Lab, I thought about how far technology has come, and how safe and dependable aircraft has become in return. Take the Wright brothers for example, who developed the first successful plane. Their model was the first step, followed by many in between, that would in turn, create the plane we know and use today. After comparing the past to the present, its incredible how far we have come in the world of transportation. Aircraft has become a common everyday example of extraordinary technology that few appreciate for its capabilities. It is exiting to think of the future of aircraft and the soon to be possibilities.

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