Technological Artifact: Tori Bredy

This summer, my mother asked me to go through an old cardboard box in my closet and donate what I didn’t need any more to the local garage sale. As I am brushing aside cobwebs and dust, I found my first music playing device: a Hit Clip. I had not used this device since I was around six-years-old; almost fifteen years ago.

A Hit Clip device that my sisters and I bought. (Photo by Tori Bredy, August 2018)

As I rotated the device, examining it from all angles as if it was a foreign object, all the memories I had with the music player flooded back into my brain. I flashed back to my little six-year-old self walking down the street with my three sisters, carrying a plastic bag full of coins we had saved up to spend at the neighborhood garage sale. We found a Hit Clip music player with additional clips ranging from Britney Spears to Vanessa Carlton to Michelle Branch to Smash Mouth. My sisters and I decided to spend our money on the Hit Clip because our older cousins loved theirs, and we trusted everything our cousins said.

The Hit Clip music clips that would play a snippet of the hit song (Photo by Tori Bredy, August 2018)

The Hit Clip came with a big device that would play a thirty second snippet of a song out loud. It also had a feature where one could listen to the music through an ear bud. Reflecting on my generation and what is happening present day with technology and music, people like to listen to music by themselves. Every day as we drive, walk to class, study, etc. we notice people with ear buds. It is important to have personal space and be able to connect with what we are listening to with ourselves. With that being said, cars commonly have auxiliary cords that allow us to share music with others; just like the Hit Clip. With the Hit Clip, I would put in the chip and share the player with my sisters as we listened to the songs. Sharing music is an incredible move in the technological field because music brings people together no matter if it is listening to it by yourself or with others.

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