Technological Artifact: Shengjie.wu


2015 Sony Walkman which was the Walkman that I got when I was 10 years old.(Bing image)

Sony Walkman plays a important role in my life. I am the person who like to listen music whatever I do and Wherever I was. The very first music player that I have got was Sony Walkman, and Sony Walkman was the device that build up my music interest.

Walkman is a series of portable music player. The first Walkman was released in 1979, and it changed the way of listening music. It allowed people to listen to music on the move. However in October 2010, it was reported that the Walkman would stop producing in Japan. Luckily Sony would continue produce Walkman in China to present to users abroad, such as united state, some Asian countries, and Europe.

I got my own Sony Walkman as a present when I was 10 years old. I was super excited when I got Walkman, and I started to download music onto my Walkman. I slept with Walkman, and traveled with Walkman. It was extremely convenience to use Walkman listening the music at that time. 2015 Sony Walkman was  as small as a chocolate bar. Thus, people could put 2015 Sony Walkman is their pocket, and carried them and listened music everywhere, every time. Besides, 2015 Sony Walkman could download music digitally and play music digitally instead of using tape to play music. 2015 Sony Walkman could save around 2G music in one device, and that could be regraded as a huge amount of music.

Music always helped me to find myself clearly. When I was angry, I listened some light music to reduce my anger. When I was sad, I listen some hard music or music with motivated lyric to push myself. Briefly, music is the tool that help me to find myself, and Sony Walkman is the device that lead me to music.


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